4th Generation Family-Owned Farm

In 1961 Maurice bought our little piece of heaven. Never would he guess that 3 generations and many different kinds of livestock later, the family farm would be a.....Dairy Farm. We have overcome many obstacles to be a dairy farm, but, we wouldn't have it any other way. 

In 2019 we branched off from 13 years of "commercial dairying" to provide a local, nutritious more sustainable product.

About Our Brown Cows

Our Jersey cows are truly the best of the best! They produce high quality milk with less water, less feed and on less land, making them the most efficient dairy breed. Jersey's are also known for having the A2 gene, making their milk easy to digest versus some other dairy breeds.

The girls (cows) are given a daily Non-GMO ration to ensure that they get all the vitamins, minerals and energy that's needed for milk production. They also have 24/7 access to pasture during the grazing season and all of their forage feeds are raised on our 100 acre farm.  

This curious or mischievous breed has won our hearts forever and we want the spotlight to be on them and the truly superior product that they produce!